Matsiyahu takes over Radford University

The crowd’s cheers bounced off the walls filling the atmosphere with excitement. Moon Taxi warmed up the crowd for Matsiyahu. Blinding lights flashed into the cheering crowd and caused an exhilarated reverberation in the music’s wake. The audience danced and sang along to every piercing song. The music reached out to every body and their soul.

Matsiyahu entered to a roar of enthusiasm. Photo by Stephen Furtado.

Moon Taxi played several songs from their new album which is currently on sale. The band’s presence on stage was anything but soporific. Hair flipping and guitar tricks sent the audience into a enthused haze. Moon Taxi captured the attention of every audience member and held it until they walked confidently off stage.

Matsiyahu entered to a roar of enthusiasm when he and his band came on. The audience sang along to every song and grew louder when their favorites were played. Fast paced lyrics fell out of Matsihahu’s mouth and the crowd nearly jumped out of their skin in elation.

Matsiyahu inhabited every inch of the stage as he showed off his unchoreographed dance moves. A wide arrange of colored lights filled the stage, casting everything in an astounding tint. Matsiyahu sang a wide variety of songs that stirred the whole audience into an electrified state. Phones became lighters in the sky as students recorded and took pictures of the ongoing show.

As the concert came to a close, the audience’s need for an encore rattled every bone in the body. The crowd united in their chants and intensified it with harmonized clapping. Matsiyahu reentered the stage and the crowd bellowed in anticipation. With renewed passion, Matsiyahu and the audience closed the night with several soul trembling songs. The lights flared for the final time and the nights events quickly came to an end. The crowd left with smiles while satisfied words fluttered into the air.

The concert gave RU a needed boost of moral as the fall semester drones on. With only a few weeks left until Thanksgiving break, Matisyahu gave RU students a healthy way to distract themselves from their monotonous schoolwork. Now that this semester is drawing to a close, we can look ahead to the spring and wonder who R-SPaCE will bring to campus next.