The week we’ve all been waiting for

As we all know, exams are creeping up on us.  However, I know as a student this is the most dreaded time of the year.  We get the tease of Thanksgiving break and once we get back to school, the only motivation we have is to count down the days until we are home again.

Though our motivation seems to be at an all time low, our stress levels reach an all time high.  There are plenty of ways to beat the end of the semester stress, but it’s all a matter of which ones work for you and which ones are available.

For me, I know my favorite way to relieve stress and relax is my pet.  Many people in Radford have dogs or cats, which is an amazing way to soothe yourself and calm down after a rough day.  If you don’t have a pet, Radford University actually has stress dogs they bring to the library for just that reason. Find out when they are making a visit and go love on a fuzzy friend!

It’s almost time for break! Photo by Allison Bourn.

Another way to help reduce stress and get your mind back on track is to exercise.  During finals our diets go downhill.  It’s a week of nothing but soda, coffee and any snack we can munch on without taking too much time away from studying. Not only is this bad for your body, but it will eventually lead to a sugar crash.  The best thing to do is go out for a walk or a light jog to get your blood pumping, heart rate up and  release those feel-good endorphins. It’ll also  help burn off some of those unwanted exam calories.

One word that we’re all familiar with is procrastination.  Finals week is full of procrastination. One form of procrastination is cleaning.  I cannot count how many times I started cleaning my room instead of starting a paper or reading.  But little do we know this is actually a subconscious act.  By tidying up our area it can actually help organized and de-clutter our thoughts.  So go ahead and clean your desk or fold your laundry, it’s actually helping more than you think.

A final tip that many may find counter-productive is sleep. Yes, sleep.  It’s amazing what a little catnap during the day can do for you.  If possible, do yourself a solid and attempt to get a full night’s sleep.  Not only will you feel refreshed, but also it’s good for your skin, will increase grades and will keep you sane.

Of course not all of these will help everyone, but it’s a start.  There are so many things one can do to do well during finals or to simply keep themselves from having a meltdown.  Finals week is one of the most stressful weeks of the semester, so do whatever you feel will work best. Remember, what you may see as wasting time in reality could be a grade saver.