My Fatal Holme

November, 1894


 H.H. Holmes

Suspected serial killer. Owned a local hotel that contained a deadly labyrinth. The maze consisted of windowless rooms, gas jets built into room walls, oddly angled dead-end hallways and stairways leading nowhere.

Victim count is suspected to range from 27-200.




Man is extremely dangerous. DO NOT approach.



A small light from a door at the end of dark, mysterious hallway. Graphic by Haylie Wise.
A small light from a door at the end of dark, mysterious hallway. Graphic by Haylie Wise.

Flowers tickle my fair skin

Mother’s melodies drift on the subtle wind

The sun’s warmth teases my wondering soul

I twirl a single daisy between my delicate fingers

A blond curl tangles in the soft grass

Petals tumble with every passing word

He loves me

The last petal falls

He loves me not

Darkness tugs at the edges of my vision

Coaxing me to resurface

Chills seep under my raised skin

My eyes flutter closed.


Night fills my sight

I reach out feeling only cold sheets

Where is he?

Uncertainty captures my spirit

Whispers echo in the windowless room

He loves me not

Anxiety tangos with my shriveling nerves

Blankets fall away

Freezing wood bites at my bare feet

Fear taints my false courage.


The hall consumes the failing candle light

Shadows murmur a final goodbye

Bare walls become guides

Unsteady feet stumble

Fear captures my wondering soul.


Metal kisses my tender skin

Courage seeps from open betrayal

Horror drips to the ravenous floor

Flames burn from within

Laughter quiets my beating heart.



The night sneers


My memories cry

Kisses decorate my withering form

Desperation fuels my animalistic desire

Footsteps drum an ancient song.


Doors unyielding to my frantic touch

The air beats louder

Stairs leading to no refuge

Drums pound harder

Foreign halls slimming to oblivion

Silence snuffs out the flame

Hope fades into the night.


A red door lures my battered figure

Gives way to my trembling frame

False relief drowns with a simple Click

My lungs fill with strange perfume

Darkness tugs at the edges of my mortality

Coaxing me to submerge

My body flutters

My wondering soul stills.