COBE no longer king of the hill

If you thought that COBE was a castle, just wait until the new CHBS building is built. It was recently announced that Radford University will be spending approximately $52.8 million to construct a new building for the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS). This massive building is going to be 143,000 square feet, making it the biggest building on campus – even bigger than COBE.

Image from Radford University.
This new building will be the new star on campus. Image from Radford University.

The new CHBS building is expected to be finished sometime in 2016, with construction beginning this spring. This building plans to take all of the majors from within the CHBS and bring them together into one central location. Currently, the classes and offices for professors within the CHBS are dispersed throughout random buildings on campus.

Another exciting aspect of this building is that it will be geared towards more hands-on learning for students. There will be a mock courtroom inside where classes can imitate accurate court proceedings. There will also be a forensics laboratory and a TV studio. This is intended to not only better prepare students for work after college, but also to encourage more out-of-the-classroom research and projects.

Lucas Hall is the small building that stands in between Muse and the McConnell Library and is the current admissions and coordinating office for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. It will be demolished to make room for the new CHBS building. The graduate college will be moved to Buchanan House in order for this building to be constructed.

Notably, one of the selling features of RU is that it’s a relatively small college. This, in combination with the building of the new Center for the Sciences, COBE, and the new student fitness and wellness center, will result in both a bigger school and a larger student population. Although this is very good for the growth of the school, it’s a little bittersweet for the students who choose RU because of its smaller size.