Knox Hill ‘Redemption’ is worth its wait in gold

Knox Hill is incredibly underrated. His recently released Redemption is a mix of hip-hop and experimental ambient sound that makes for a delightful combination that will keep you pumped up and dancing the whole way through.

The MP consists of 18 tracks, plus a bonus track. It opens with a song guaranteed to get you pumped. Hill has been known to refer to himself as a samurai and actually says “call me Samurai X,” in the song “Samurai X.” However, you move on to songs like “Firewall” (ft. John the Unlimited & Natsumiii) and suddenly the tempo picks up even more,

Knox Hill is from the DC area!
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only to be broken by an extremely

slow, rhythmic hook. The result is an album where each song is a

completely different, quality track.

Some of his other lyrics include, “Run that, I’m in the zone, baseball, I’m gonna bring it home,” and “Every time I get a chance to rhyme, this is my moment, I’m living for a chance to shine,” which epitomizes Hill. He’s constantly pushing against his limits and working towards his music, which is an incredibly admirable quality in the music scene.

To be honest, this particular brand of music isn’t something I’m normally interested in. However, the way Hill sounds is very unique. Combining his unusual sound with amazing rhythms and experimental noise, his music is more than worth its weight in gold. I enjoyed “Samurai X,” “Lights,” and “Limitless” the most.

Album Rating: 8/10