Who you gonna call? Donotrent.com

Being a college student brings many opportunities, including living away from home. This can be a pretty rough transition for some. After the required time living on campus, many students try living in an apartment alone or with a few roommates. This is an exciting experience, but it can go horribly wrong, especially if you rent from the wrong people.

Do Not Rent logo. Image from Facebook.
Do Not Rent logo. Image from Facebook.

This is why Mike Cerny created donotrent.com, the perfect online housing resource for students. There are numerous reviews for apartments and other housing rental companies. All new renters should certainly take advantage of what this free site has to offer. There’s a wealth of trustworthy information available for when a student doesn’t know what to expect from their landlord or leasing company.

The website is set up to provide as much information as possible about one’s future home. This includes availability, distance from campus, images of the buildings and nearby businesses. The landlords and rental companies are also allowed to add information. One of the best features is the ability to contact reviewers in order to ask follow-up questions. Anyone can write a review and include any information.

The Moving Center section allows you to request more information about the cost of moving furniture and other objects into a specific apartment or rental building. They will email pricing quotes based on one’s distance from and the size of the apartment.

There are plenty of companies who don’t actually care about the renter and will help as little as possible when needed. Donotrent.com is there to help keep students out of bad situations as new renters, especially since someone’s first time is hard enough already.