Highlanders Anonymous: Sorry for party rocking

I’m in an organization here at Radford and one of their main activities is drinking.  I’m totally okay with this: if they want to get drunk, why shouldn’t they? My problem is that I think academics should come first and they’d rather pregame a class rather than do the work.  I just don’t know how to approach this situation.

The best thing to do is to approach your fellow members and explain that you think their behavior is not representing them or the organization in a positive way.  Obviously, going to class drunk isn’t the smartest thing to do due to the risk of getting caught. It also clearly affects academic performance and can lead to dismissal from your organization.

Being proactive about this situation is important; as an

Nothing good comes from  doing drugs. Graphic by Jake Fulmer.
Nothing good comes from doing drugs. Graphic by Jake Fulmer.

outsider you can see the potential consequences better than they can.  They see their behavior as having fun and enjoying college, but drinking is not the reason they’re here. Radford’s party school reputation only increases the importance of academics.

If you’re scared to approach your friends, find a higher-up and inform them of your concerns. Watching this happen without doing anything is not helping.

I feel like I’m one of the few people at Radford that doesn’t do drugs! I walk into every party and people are smoking in a room or doing a line.  I’ve actually walked into a bathroom to find a girl doing a bump. In addition, my roommate is addicted to snorting pills.  I can’t get drug charges or anything because of my major and she’s crazy. Help.

Your roommate is being selfish and she’s putting you both in jeopardy.  Don’t call the police right away, but go to the police station and talk to an officer about your options.  He or she can help you go about this the right way, keeping you out of trouble and getting her some help.

Your roommate is probably obtaining these pills illegally, which is another concern.  You need to act fast; this could blow up at any moment and then you’re both up a creek without a paddle.

If you aren’t comfortable going to the cops right away, simply talk to her.  If you haven’t talked about it, get the ball rolling and see how to proceed from there.  Your life shouldn’t be hanging by a thread just because of someone else’s problems.