Attack of the cars from outer space

All of the new buildings coming to RU are fantastic, but they’re bringing pests that are seeping into parking lots everywhere: the cars of contractors and construction workers.

These cars are parking in every available spot they can find on the main campus, even those that aren’t owned by RU. One problem is that there are fewer parking spots than there seems to be construction vehicles.

A contractors' van about to make at landing in Radford. Graphic by Katie Sickman.
A contractor’s van about to make a landing in Radford. Graphic by Katie Sickman.

Lot AA behind the Bonnie is primarily used for faculty members and workers in the Bonnie. There are a few labeled parking spots parallel to the construction site, created with the contractors in mind. Unfortunately, their cars aren’t confined to those spaces. Rather, workers have been parking throughout lot AA and other on-campus lots without parking passes.

However, this isn’t what has people in an uproar. What’s making countless RU faculty and staff upset is the fact that the construction workers and contractors aren’t being ticketed. Unlike other people who try to park in lots other than those that they’ve been assigned, the workers aren’t being penalized.

The Price-Williams apartment lots right off of campus are also being affected. Parking here is prohibited to anyone other than residents. The people who live in these buildings pay to park there and are being denied that right. Where else could they possibly park? They’d be ticketed if they parked on campus without a parking permit, unlike the construction workers.

Appeasing the contractors and construction workers creating RU’s new buildings isn’t nearly as important as appeasing the faculty, staff and students who keep this university running. Parking needs to be more clearly defined for these workers. This way, the construction of new buildings and visions of a better future for the university doesn’t adversely affect the people already working hard at RU.


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