The debut of Electric Century

Almost a year ago, My Chemical Romance called it quits. Most of its members have since moved on to new projects.

Gerard Way has gotten back into the comic book business and has provided backing vocals for several musical projects, including Deadmau5. Frank Iero has participated in many collaborations with other bands and formed the electronic-hardcore band Death

Graphic by Caitlin Lewis.
The Milky Way. Graphic by Caitlin Lewis.

Spells. Ray Toro has released new singles, an entirely solo effort and plays guitar on several tracks for Voltaire. One member, however, has been notably absent.

Bassist Mikey Way cryptically tweeted “Tomorrow…” the same day My Chemical Romance released their last song ever. This led a lot of fans to believe something was going on within the band again. However, fans were pleased when Alternative Press revealed Way’s new project – an alternative synth-pop band named Electric Century.

Electric Century consists of Way, Dave Debiak (of New London Fire and Sleep Station) and Justin Siegel, formerly of Stars in Stereo. Way has been planning the band since he was very young after writing “Electric Century” on his seventh grade science notebook. He wanted a distinct Britpop feel, drawing influence from bands like the Happy Mondays. After contacting Debiak to discuss the project, Way put it on hold to work on MCR’s studio album Danger Days. With the conclusion of MCR, Way is now free to fully devote himself to this new project.

Electric Century was formally revealed in Alternative Press’ “100 Bands You Need To Know” issue, alongside Real Friends and Touché Amoré. They released their first single “I Lied” on Feb. 24. The song is about addiction, something Way, a former drug addict, is very familiar with.

Way admitted that many MCR fans probably won’t give his new band a chance. Judging by the excitement over this new single, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more fans than he realizes.