Spring Break: Steaming, freezing or in-between?

It seems as if every student at Radford University was born and raised in the same areas. Every time someone asks “where’s your hometown?,” the answer seems to be one of three places: NoVa, Virginia Beach or Richmond. With spring break around the corner, many Highlanders seem to be leaving behind the familiar as they plan their trips.

Too warm, too cold, just right.
Photo from sheknows.com.

This last week of school is going to drag by for those planning exciting trips. It’s hard to believe that the semester has already crept up this quickly, but being halfway finished means the annual week of celebration. Many students are leaving Virginia behind, but it seems as if most of RU will be migrating together this year to visit the panhandle of Florida.

For those of you traveling to Florida, your trip will consist of Luke Bryan, tanning on the beach and an extremely tiring drive back to school. Though the drive might be long and miserable, make your week worthwhile by creating long-lasting memories, relaxing and eating delicious food while you can (before returning to Chic Fil-A and Dalton meals).

Having this free week in the middle of the semester is a great way to clear your mind, coming back to campus rejuvenated and refreshed. Even if you’re not going somewhere tropical for break, make sure you find other ways to relax. Are you going somewhere cold?  Spend the day snowboarding down slopes and end your night by a cozy fire while sipping hot cocoa. Maybe your week is going to be spent at home with family. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy yourself. You deserve it.