Lincoln’s Final Act

April wind tickle strands of hair

Whispering the darkest secrets

Habeas corpus

.22 revolver, a common gun during the Civil War. Image from Gun Boards.
.22 revolver, a common gun during the Civil War. Image from Gun Boards.

Gunfire echoes

Screams bellow

Did I do the right thing?

Childish laughter fills the streets

Surrender paints the feverish sky

My resilience hardens.


Laughter resonates

Citizens joining in harmonious unity

Can I bring them through hatred?

Can the land heal under my ruling hand?

Mary’s soothing touch

Her eyes filled with undoubted pride

My strength renewed.


Eyes rest on me





The pressure drowns out all reverberations

Can I mend the break between brothers?

Is our land forever divided?

Can freedom ring?


The actors rule their space

United in their purpose

Their destiny written on aged paper

Ours written in immortals blood

Old gal- you sockdologing old man-trap”

Mirth untainted by the brutality of war



The lights fade

The curtains close

Pain casts dark shadows

Familiar screams materialize

“Sic semper tyrannis”

Southern words steal thinning air

Abhorrence claims us at our door.


Cold hands raise me

Agony wrenches me down

Will the land forever be painted red?

Will our darkest hour never end?

Is there still hope for the imprisoned?

Tears stream down my pale face

Is this uphill battle already lost?

Mary’s face fades

Darkness cuts the final string of courage.


Light radiates in the distance

Slowly painting streaks of color

Hand in hand

My brothers walk

Black and white

Their colors blend

Freedom rings

 Throughout the land

The rains wash

The final strands of red.