Highlanders Anonymous: Keep away from bad roommates and STuDs

My roommate is horrible. That is no exaggeration. She’s an immature subtweeter who cares more about being with a guy than actually growing up and respecting herself. I’m pretty sure she has an STD but would rather have male attention instead of closing her legs for once. I so badly want to call her naïve parents and tell them everything their perfect little angel is doing. I’m about to lose my mind.

STD testing is a life saver.
Photo from MTV.com.

I can definitely sense some hostility here. The first thing that obviously needs to be addressed is the STD part. If she has an STD and is still throwing her cat out at every guy who looks at her, then she needs help. Not only is that disgusting, but she’s putting every future partner of hers at risk of contracting that STD as well.

If she’s subtweeting you, just call her out. Clearly she doesn’t have the lady balls to say it to your face, so you need to confront her. Hiding behind social media is probably one of the most immature things to do; if she wants to play that way, so be it.  You need to be the one to go up to her and tell her to knock it off.

Lastly, don’t go calling her parents. They will eventually find out how immature and dumb she’s being if she comes home pregnant, with another STD or kicked out of school. Fix the things that you can control right now and let the rest work itself out.

I have an STD. That’s probably the hardest thing I have ever had to tell someone in my life. I didn’t get it because I sleep around, but because I was drunk and a guy took advantage of me. I currently have herpes. I know I get judged when I have a flare-up. Everyone assumes I’m a slut when they see it.  I just don’t know how to go about life with this thing popping up.

Having an STD these days is a lot more common than people think. 1 in 4 people will contract herpes at some point in their life. Of course your situation is very unfortunate; it angers me how ridiculous some people are these days. Have you gone to your doctor and gotten a prescription? Although herpes is a virus that can’t be cured, drugs can help prevent flare ups.

As far as going about life with this, you just have to keep your head up.  No matter who you are, people are going to judge and assume things about you.  That goes for anyone.  If people want to assume you’re a slut, so be it.  That’s just them being judgmental, small-minded people and you’re above that.  Don’t worry.  It may seem like things are hard now, but you’ll get past it.