Alternative healing therapies you may not have heard of

Therapy is good for the heart and soul. While talk therapy is nice, additional therapies are also beneficial. I had the pleasure of recently going to a conference on alternative healing practices. I was able to learn about the mind, body and soul. A lot of these alternative healing ideologies come from eastern practices and may be foreign concepts.

The first practice to address is Yoga Nidra. When you think of yoga today, you probably get the mental picture of people doing all sorts of bending poses. While these poses are an aspect of a yoga, Yoga Nidra is much more in-depth. The basis of Yoga Nidra is all about focusing on your breathing and putting yourself in a deep state of meditation and relaxation while remaining conscious. The healing value of this type of practice is simple: it allows the individual to enter a state of deep rest and relaxation. Those with mental illness can find peace within themselves by just being and breathing. Dr. Swami Shankardev Sarawati helps his clients find peace with Yoga Nidra. You can read his account of how Yoga Nidra is useful as part of the therapy process here.

The next healing practice is homeopathic remedies, particularly Bach Flower Remedies. These Flower Remedies are extreme dilutions of the healing parts of various flowers in nature. There are 38 different flower remedies that are tailored to specific issues. For example, the Crab Apple Flower Remedy is often used for an individual who may feel emotionally dirty, or unclean, and isn’t satisfied with their appearance. This particular remedy is often used by individuals who’ve been sexually assaulted or raped. The healing value of this practice helps the individual feel better from whatever is ailing them emotionally. If you’re interested in the explanation of how these flower remedies work, you can read Heal Thyself by Edward Bach.

The last alternative healing practice is the power of pet-assisted therapy. When you walk into a room to find a friendly dog or cat, often you will notice a smile on your face. Pet-assisted therapy is a type of therapy that aims to help an individual improve their emotional, cognitive and social impairments. In the mental health community, animal assisted therapy decreases anxiety and improves symptoms of depression. Pet assisted therapy is also used to help children with ADHD and autism.  If you’re interested in learning more about pet therapy or how to become a certified pet therapy handler, you can visit Pet Partners.

Healing comes in many different forms. In the mental health community it often comes from within. Being open minded about what’s out there to help promote inner healing is a good idea. Whether it’s acupuncture or yoga, a lot of these eastern healing practices are based on the idea of negative energies being let out and positive energies being let in. Healing is healing no matter what form it takes, so be open about taking in those positive energies.