Go back to sleep, sheeple

Sometimes I really enjoy reading about government conspiracies such as MK Ultra or Area 51 or the entire plot of “Conspiracy Theory.” The government is sketchy in so many ways that they’re an easy target for the plot of a cheesy fanfic. The problem is that people believe their own fanfics and post them on the internet where anyone can read them. People take them seriously and before you know it, we have a full scale government conspiracy theory.

It isn’t a strictly partisan issue either. Just after the Sandy Hook shooting, a documentary was published detailing all of the “evidence” and suggesting that the Obama administration planned the shooting to push gun legislation. Just after 9/11, a documentary was published showing how the Bush administration planned the Twin Tower attacks to justify going to war in the Middle East. Evidently, the government is bad regardless of who is in power.

The all seeing eye pyramid. Image from Naija Gists.
The all seeing eye pyramid. Image from Naija Gists.

Then there are the control theories where people are convinced that the government puts chemicals into the air through gas clouds released by jets, also known as chemtrails. They also believe that the government puts control chemicals in vaccines to keep us sick, and that’s why vaccines are such a controversial topic today.

My personal favorite is the conspiracy theory that the government can fire a sonic device from a satellite that creates earthquakes. Tell that one to the people in Sri Lanka.

Conspiracy theorists believe the plots go deeper than the American government and extends to a secret society known as the Illuminati, a society dedicated to creating a new world order through mass genocide and control.

People actually believe that anywhere a triangle appears, it’s evidence of an Illuminati influence, considering their symbol is a pyramid with the same all-seeing eye as shown on the one dollar bill. People look for symbolism in the design of Washington DC, rap lyrics and in celebrity performances.

People who buy into this theory already believe that the media is controlled by the Illuminati, and I’m not helping by writing this article. However, regardless of whether or not I’m actually a hired Illuminati journalist or just an ignorant sheep, it all seems like grasping at straws. I get that life can be a little mundane at times, but when people put up pictures like this¬†advocating breaking the law, it drives me crazy. I’d rather be one of the sheeple than a dropout in prison. But, at least you can say you know the truth, right?

Sometimes conspiracy theories make for a cool plot in video games, such as in¬†Assassin’s Creed or Tomb Raider, but when people start following them like they’re real and living their lives as if the government is out to get them, it results in a society where nobody trusts anything and everyone is constantly paranoid. We have enough to worry about based solely on the facts that are available without looking for the wool in front of our eyes.