Outside of Greentown: Chapter 6

I ran frantically through the woods, feeling the air temperature around me quickly start to rise. When I reached the edge of the blaze I could barely make out Erlina’s thin black figure. I didn’t bother calling out to her. She was deep into her magic, expanding the widening ring of fire around her and torching anything in its path.

Image from Photo Bucket.
Two witches and one is about to strike the other. Image from Photo Bucket.

I closed my eyes and snapped my fingers. The fire was extinguished, and I walked in my bare feet to the center where she stood.

She turned to face me and her scorching orange eyes met my cool green ones. She was not smiling, suprisingly, but scowling. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared back at her.

“Did you have fun killing animals and setting ablaze the woods around my town, sister?” I watched her scowl deepen and turn to a look of complete hatred.

“This town does not belong to you, Dahlia. I once lived here too. I belong here.” The muscles in her neck strained as she hissed out each word.

“You don’t belong here in Greentown. Not after what you did. Not while you continue to cause me trouble and annoyance. Leave now, and I won’t throw you out.” I turned my back on her and started to walk away, but I heard her trying to cast an attack spell. I whipped around and waved the red stream of light coming from her hand away, like I would lazily bat away a fly.

“I don’t want to hurt you again, sister. It isn’t in my nature, but I’m not against doing something out of the ordinary today.” She began to chant again but I just waved my hand and she froze in place.

“I warned you, Erlina. You’ve given me no choice.” I drew the power up from my feet into the tips of my fingers, and just as I was about to strike, she disappeared without a sound.