Highlanders Anonymous: Yik yak and all that

Two words: Yik Yak. This is probably the most disgusting and upsetting app one could download.  I’m not going to say whether I’m a Greek or a “GDI” as they’re called, but I think this app is the worst thing that could happen to this university.  It’s nothing but Radford students bashing each other when in reality we should be bringing each other up.  All the talk about is how disgusting sororities are and how brothers of certain fraternities are gay is simply immature.  How do others feel about this? I understand you are one person but I want another perspective about this app.

Well, I am very familiar with the app you are speaking of and have the same exact opinion you do. Not only is this app full of nothing but trash talk, it truly reflects on the RU community as a whole.  Even though only a small fraction of the school may be actually using this app, more people remember the bad instead of the good.

As an active student, it truly pains me to see other Greeks or those who are unaffiliated being brought down by the cruel words of others. Not only does it make Greeks look like complete fools who could care less about others, but also because it makes it seem like others don’t respect us.

Of course Greek life comes with a negative connotation and we strive every day to try to change this image, but when people would rather talk a bunch of nonsense about each other, it does nothing for either side. Greeks have a big influence on campus and this app is doing nothing but reversing this impact.

“There have been many stories already about how this app encourages cyber-bullying.” Photo by: mzstatic.com

As for the hurtful things said, I honestly hurt for people.  We’re Highlanders. We’re supposed to be strong warriors. We don’t back down. We fight for what we believe.  So why is it we’re fighting each other? Why would we rather hurt instead of help?

I know how it feels when you think everyone is attacking you. It’s a crappy feeling. The fact that people who are talking badly are hiding behind their phone is pathetic. There have been many stories already about how this app encourages cyber-bullying. Bullying in college seems silly, but it happens and it’s unfortunate. People need to reevaluate their lives and get their insecurities in check before they start coming at someone else about theirs. Karma is a real pain in the ass, and she shows no mercy.