Maybe It’s Maybelline…

Ever dreamed of being a model on a billboard, commercial or even on the cover of a magazine?

Being a model for the art department isn’t much “fame,” but it’s better than the perception of models tends to be. You don’t have to change your body or the way you look. No Photoshop is applied, no editing (other than erasing), and not one single time do they look at you thinking, “I wish she was skinnier, taller, prettier, etc.”  The only thing they might change about me is my outfit, my pose and the location of where they draw me.

Pastel drawing of Victoria Cann. Image drawn by: Julienne Boone
Pastel drawing of Victoria Cann. Image drawn by: Julienne Boone

I was so nervous going into my first class, I didn’t know what to think or how the students were going to interact with me. I was amazed the first time I heard a teacher say, “No, you need to make her eyes smaller, they aren’t that wide.” I was amazed. In shock. I never expected to hear that; talk about an ego boost. I was excited to keep working.

I started working for different classes, discovering soon that the graduate figure drawing class would be my favorite. I enjoy being able to be a part of such wonderful art, as well as being able to interact with amazing students. Modeling can be a tiring job, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s really something different, being a girl who has never really cared for her own body. When someone compliments you, you just think they’re being nice or want something.

It’s funny, (and quite refreshing) to hear someone say, “You have great lips to draw” or “Your face is so definitive, it’s so nice to draw something different.” Sometimes I just have to giggle knowing that they’re being genuine, seeing how they are drawing people all the time; this is what they plan on doing with the rest of their lives (most of them anyway).

It’s neat to be a part of the different classes; people always want to draw something different. One day it could be my face, the next my hands and maybe my boots. The creativity I’ve seen in the pastels classes is just outstanding. I’m always blown away because I don’t have a creative bone in my body when it comes to drawing. When a student captures my likeness, I’m just in awe. Every. Single. Time.

Being a “model” for the art department isn’t fabulous and is sometimes tiring, but it’s an amazing experience. I love being able to interact with people I otherwise wouldn’t even know. It’s incredible being part of such marvelous types of art. I think that even if you don’t “model,” we as students should be supportive of those in other majors than ours. Go out to an art show or watch a dance recital. We’re all students and we all definitely deserve to be recognized.