Outside of Greentown: Chapter 7

I stormed off through the woods back toward home. I was furious. How did she escape me? I never knew she could perform such a seamless transportation spell. “Semantics,” I thought to myself. “I must find out what she plans for the future. I can do nothing about the past except learn from it.” I moved faster through the maze of trees. My feet barely touched the ground, and I was back on my front porch in just a few minutes.

A witch surrounded by animals. Image from Wikipedia.
A witch surrounded by animals. Image from Wikipedia.

I picked up Sundry from where I had left him and stroked his warm brown fur. I carried him into the kitchen and laid him on a dishtowel. The rabbit still slept under the spell I had set on him. I bent to open the cabinet under the sink and pulled out bandages and some salt. I put the cauldron on and moved to the herb cabinet.

“Witch hazel, elder flowers, aloe vera leaves, dried oranges and lavender oil should do the trick…” I mumbled to myself as I moved about the kitchen. I chopped up the aloe vera, witch hazel and elder flowers and put them into the boiling water. I measured out ten drops of lavender oil and added them, leaving the mixture to simmer.

I flicked through my spellbook and it read, “Stir three and a half times clockwise for positive effects, counterclockwise for the opposite effect.” I did the necessary stirring and the potion became a white paste, which I generously applied to the rabbit’s burns. I bandaged him and then waved my hand to awaken him.

His round brown eyes slowly opened and looked at me in relief. I smiled and fed him some pieces of dried orange, and then a few poppy straws to rid him of pain. Sundry was just about to fall asleep when Luna ran into the kitchen, mewing loudly.

“What ever is the matter with you, dearest?” She took off into the living room. I leaned around the corner and Luna was sitting on the coffee table, on top of the book I had sent her after – the one with the white cover and black runes.

I smiled at her. “Such a good kitty, I knew you could do it.” I picked her up and kissed her nose. She sneezed and wriggled about, wanting to be put down. I put her on the table and ran my hands over the book. “Time to find out what Erlina has been doing with all of these errands.” Luna meowed and watched as I opened the book.