Yik Yak is the new RU Confessions

Two words: Yik Yak. It’s an app that’s sort of like an anonymous Twitter. However, instead of saying what one is doing, it’s being used to talk poorly about one another. Unfortunately, one group has been the direct target: Greek Life.

As a member of Greek Life, I can definitely relate to those who have been bashed directly or had foul words said about their organization. Greeks have been trying to mold their image at Radford University as campus leaders and those who do more for others. I know that as a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, we put others before ourselves. Our philanthropy is a great priority, along with helping other Greeks. So why attack us?

“Instead of saying what one is doing, it’s being used to talk poorly about one another.” Photo from: cisternyard.com

In order to get a true perspective about how Greek life feels about this app, I decided to go around and ask some of my fellow Greeks: “What is your opinion of Yik Yak?”

All of their thoughts were the same. Kyle Winfield from Phi Sigma Kappa (PSK) said, “I feel that Yik Yak is devoted to bringing down the Greek community because it is anonymous and it’s building tension because you don’t know if a Greek is posting or an unaffiliated student is posting.”

The anonymity of the app is what’s causing the ripple throughout campus. Wherever you go someone is looking at the app or talking about the app, but who’s saying all these harsh things? This app has actually been causing problems all over the nation especially in other educational institutions such as high schools.

This app angers and concerns me. The fact that our fellow Highlanders are talking poorly about certain people because of the letters on their chest is a problem. The letters we wear with pride don’t identify who we are as people. Those letters represent us as a whole. They represent our past, our present and our future.

Greek is a way of life. It’s a choice we make to uphold ourselves to a higher level of values and to pledge our faithfulness.

So what else happens on this app? It’s not all strictly calling out an organization, but sometimes, someone directly in the organization. First and last names are being put out there. Emily Seelke, Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA), said Emily said, “I hate Yik Yak because all it is is cyberbullying and half the people aren’t even in Greek life to judge Greek life.”

My question is, how old are we again? We’re in college and the fact that we feel the need to talk poorly about others simply to feel a quick rush of having your comment approved by others is truly discouraging. It’s becoming too much of a trend for people to be cruel over social media but not in person.

I’m not sure how, but this app needs to either just fade out like the others or be used for what it was truly intended for because if not, more bad things can only come out of this.