Highlanders Anonymous: LDRs and safe hookups

Can you tell me what you describe as safe sex? I have heard so many different things that are considered “safe.” They say Radford is a breeding ground for STD’s and I understand based on some of the reckless things people do during sex. What’s the best way to be safe?

Of course we all know the same tired tune that the only safe sex is no sex.  That’s a stupid lie because this is college, and that clearly doesn’t happen with all the humping occurring even as you’re reading this.

I know plenty of people who have sex with just condoms, just birth control, or using both. Using both forms of protection and birth control is how I see safe sex.  Condoms alone are actually around 98 percent effective; the pill or other forms are about 99.8 percent effective.  Of course fluke pregnancies can happen despite using both methods, but I just like to think those sperm are bionic or something.

If you’re more concerned about STDs rather than pregnancy, then definitely use a condom. You can never be too careful. More often than not, someone who has an STD won’t know until they have a full flare up.  The human body can cause a huge load of problems.

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“I would suggest you talk and video chat as much as you can.” Photo From: aiiaiidaa.blogspot.com

I’m going to say this once and I will make myself clear: NEVER EVER USE THE PULL OUT AND PRAY METHOD! If you’re unwilling to wrap it or swallow that pill, then you deserve what’s coming.

My boyfriend and I are trying a long distance relationship.  He transferred away from Radford Spring semester for a better opportunity. Despite how much I care about him, I sometimes get the urges to be with another guy. I just miss our steady sex and the connection. I crave random hookups.

The fact that you want to be with other guys at all is a bad sign.  I would suggest you talk and video chat as much as you can, but that won’t help with your urges. Maybe an adult toy could help you control yourself?  I know plenty of people who have toys to keep themselves in check.  I would also talk to him about these urges you are having; they could make or break your relationship. Breaking up wouldn’t be ideal- but if you’re not careful, you could act those urges and ruin something that can’t be fixed.