Who wears short shorts?

Ever notice when it gets slightly warmer outside, you start seeing more skin? Sometimes there’s just some skin you’d rather not see.

It’s one thing for a girl to wear short shorts. It’s  completely different when you can see half of a guy’s thigh from his shorts. I don’t see the point in wearing short shorts, definitely not the ones I like to refer to as “underwear shorts.” It’s just disgusting and a disgrace to some girls’ bodies. I just don’t understand when that kind of fashion became acceptable. Come on girls: leave a little to the imagination!

Guys, chubbies are not cool. I can’t stand the phrase “Sky’s out, thigh out.” Stop. That’s not cute and I’d rather not see your thighs. Save it for the bedroom. I apologize that something so horrific has become a “fashion statement” (if I can even call it that). Spare yourself the embarrassment. If it doesn’t embarrass you, spare everyone else that has to look at you. You might think you look cool because they’re name brand, but that doesn’t mean that you should wear them. It definitely does not mean you should whip them out the second it starts to get warm.

Respect yourself, please. Short shorts that fit you like underwear don’t scream, “I respect myself,” it screams “here’s my body.” Guys are visual creatures, you give them what they want to see and they’ll treat you as such. You choose every day what you’re going to wear before you walk out the door; if you want to be respected, dress like it. The way a person dresses seems to put out a vibe of what kind of person they are, or that’s the way society sees it, anyway. If you want to be respected, think about what you’re conveying to others.

So a piece of advice for girls and guys: stop wearing short shorts. Just because you like the way you look in them, doesn’t mean anyone else does. I’m not saying dress the way everyone else wants you to; I’m saying stop dressing that way. Jump off that bandwagon and just do you. Come on people, at least try to stay classy.