Netflix Pick of the Week: “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”

It’s almost finals week, which means it’s time to find ways to put off studying as long as possible before the big exam! What better way to ignore those review cards than with a movie on Netflix?

Movie Poster. Image from IMDb.
Movie Poster. Image from IMDb.

This week’s pick  is none other than the horror-comedy “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.” It’s a 2010 Canadian film written and directed by Eli Craig, staring Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk as the title characters.

In the movie, Tucker and Dale are two well-meaning hillbilly brothers who decide to spend their summer renovating a rundown lakeside cabin in the woods. Meanwhile, nine college friends decide to go camping in those same woods. One friend, Chad, tells them the story of a murderous hillbilly attack that had occurred in the area 20 years earlier.

Later, the college kids go skinny-dipping in the lake and one hits her head on a rock and nearly drowns, but is saved by the hillbillies. Her friends, however, mistakenly view her rescue as a kidnapping and murder plot, and set out to kill the hillbillies and save their friend.

You can guess what comes next: eye rolling jokes, gruesome gore and hilariously brutal death scenes. This film takes the classic horror movie setup and turns it on its head. While I can’t explain just how due to spoilers, I can certainly promise that “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” is worth the watch.