twenty one pilots take flight at the MTV Movie Awards

On April 13, 2014 twenty one pilots performed at the MTV Movie Awards. This particular honor has been a long time coming.

Twenty one pilots is a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun joined together to form the musical project in 2009. Their self-titled album was released in 2009. In 2011 their second album, Regional at Best,

The band performing a show. Image from Twenty One Pilots.
The band performing a show. Image from Twenty One Pilots.

caught the attention of record label Fueled by Ramen, who finally signed them in 2012. With this opportunity they released their debut studio album, Vessel, in 2013.

The band has a very unique sound, using a mix of piano, keytar, synthesizer, drums, ukulele and vocals to perform their music.

Twenty one pilots has never fit into a specific genre. Fans, however, have started to describe them as schizophrenic pop, also known as schizoid pop, an unofficial sub-genre. Their sound has even been described as “electric ukulele slam poetry.”

This is possibly true, seeing many of their songs are poetry based. Joseph writes the majority of the lyrics and has stated that he needed to start rapping in order to fit the lyrics in. The result is an emotional mesh of indie-rap fusion and lyrical uplift.

The band performed their song “Car Radio” live at the MTV Movie Awards. One of the things that sets twenty one pilots apart from other bands is their encouragement of audience participation. During this particular performance, they donned their signature ski masks and had a large section of the audience wearing them as well.

“Car Radio” is one of the band’s most popular songs. It’s the perfect mix of frenzied anguish and unadulterated joy, possibly because it’s essentially the musical actualization of the band’s goal to push through unhappiness in order to find joy. Twenty one pilots brought the intense energy with which they approach everything to the stage. The mixture of both of these elements resulted in a performance that could only be described as explosive.