Highlander’s Anonymous: The end of friendships and semesters

“My friend and I have been close for about four years now and unfortunately things are starting to go downhill. We don’t go to parties together anymore or go to lunch or anything. It’s almost as if we’re strangers now. I want to go back to where we were but I feel like it might be too far-gone to salvage. Should I try to approach the situation or just let things fix itself?”

If you wait to fix this, things definitely won’t go back to the way it was before. Why would you wait for it to fix itself? If you care about the friendship like you say you do, you will take the initiative to go to her and get this settled.

Don’t do it over text message. It’s okay to arrange a meeting, but to talk it out over text isn’t going to help. The

Two friends slowly falling apart. Image from Her.ie
Two friends slowly falling apart. Image from Her.ie

meaning of words get so twisted behind text because there is absolutely no way to show your expression, so while you may believe you’re being genuine, she could take it as sarcastic or you just trying to talk her up.

Having a friend that you’re close to in college is such an important thing. You never know, she could be dealing with something and didn’t mean to push you away. Talking is the only way to get things settled, not avoiding the problem.

I HATE HAVING A ROOMMATE. She is disgusting, lazy, never goes to class, rude and inconsiderate. I could go on and on and on. I would do anything to get away from her. She seriously just leaves food rotting all over the house and it’s gross. She hides dishes under her bed, which in return gets molded. How do I fix her or get rid of her?”

Well that’s not only nasty, but can be hazardous to your health and hers depending on if you have an allergy to mold or not. I would seriously hope that you have told her about her gross habits, but if not, go talk to her. Don’t be accusing, but you definitely need to make the point that leaving dishes around is not okay.

As for the lazy thing, there isn’t much you can do about that simply because you’re not her mother and making her go to class isn’t your job. If she wants to be lazy and fail out, so be it. It’s nothing off your back. However, since she is clearly being so lazy to avoid the basic rules of hygiene then I would say to go at her.

Obviously if things get worse, you can always go to your rental company and see what they say about the cleanliness of roommates. Also, keep in mind there isn’t much time left at school. Hopefully she will be gone and your problems will be solved for you.