‘Where dreams come true’…Where was that again?

Once upon a dream
You picture yourself
Meeting your true love
At loves first glance
You know
You’d have damn good looking kids
You’d have the perfect life

Things wouldn’t be easy at first
A whole army would be trying to keep you both apart
But he would turn to you
And say that you’re
A girl worth fighting for

After the Wicked Witch was defeated
He’d look deeply in your eyes
And you know
He wanna kiss the girl

You would reach up to touch his face
But then realize
He doesn’t have
A skull
Or bones

And you wake up
With no prince charming next to you
Bummer, right?
And you’re thinking
A dream is a wish your heart makes
But not every wish comes true
You lie there staring at your ceiling
Hoping your prince charming comes today
But he doesn’t

You’re always wondering if he’s
Just around the river bend
But the distance to the bend seems like an eternity
Why should you wait for a prince charming?

There’s a
Whole new world
Out there waiting for you
Why should you be the damsel in distress?
Why should your life circle around a man that’s not even real?

Let it go
Let it go
All these unreal expectations
“I wanted you to fight for me”
“I wanted you to be my perfect match”
“I wanted you to be——-
A cartoon

I’m not saying some people aren’t worth melting for
They are
But comparing them to Disney’s standards?
That can freeze your heart

Can I say something crazy?
How about you be your own prince charming
How about you fight for yourself
How about you grant your own wishes
Instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you

And when you meet the right guy
You won’t hope for a princess’ happily ever after
You will hope for your happily ever after
Filled with arguments
Irritating kids
And rough days
Your life will also be filled with
Memorable days
Real love
And finishing off each other’s sandwiches.