Highlanders Anonymous: Leaving RU and switching majors

“Leaving Radford is my biggest fear. I’m not graduating or anything, I’m just going home for the summer and I’m dreading it more than anything. I have no friends back home, plus the guy I like is staying here and there’s no telling what he is going to be doing while I’m gone. I don’t want to leave Radford, but I clearly don’t have a choice since I live in the dorms. How can I make myself not hate being home as much?

Do you have a summer job? I know that when I go home, I sometimes feel like I have no friends simply because I’ve grown past the level in which they are stuck. In my hometown, if you don’t go away from college, you just seem to wander around the place working a crappy job and hanging out with high schoolers.

Like I said, a summer job would be a good distraction and would keep you out of the house and constantly meeting new people. About the boy you like: that is a tough one. If he has something for you and even considers you a friend, talk to him about coming up randomly to visit. There are also many things such as Skype and Facetime that will allow you to have a better interaction other than just texting. Don’t stress about going home, because it’s just a temporary thing. Before you know it you will be right back in Radtown ringing in the school year. Make the best of your summer.

“I’m just going home for the summer and I’m dreading it more than anything.” Photo from: photo pin.com

“I hate my major. My dad wanted me to major in Biology and go pre-med then become a doctor and get my PhD and all this other nonsense. That is NOT what I want to do. I hate my classes. I just sit there thinking why someone would torture them like this. I want to be a business woman. I want to work my way up the ladder and because a high part in that company and be someone that others listens to. How do I tell my dad I don’t want to go into the medical field?”

It seems that your father is really blunt, and what he says goes. However, when it comes to how you are going to spend the rest of your life, this is not going to work. If you are miserable, even taking the classes to get you started on your career path you are going to hate your life. It’s that simple.

The best thing to do is to just sit him down and explain that what he wants for you isn’t the best choice for you. If he threatens to not pay for your school just because you don’t want to be a doctor, then so be it. There are so many loans you can get on your own, and you get more if you claim yourself as an independent.

As for your goals and ambitions, I would say just go ahead and make the change. You need to do what makes you happy and not live for others. If you live for others, you will only end up finding yourself empty and unsatisfied in the long run. College is all about making choices and feeling the consequences of doing so. Change your major and be happy. College is amazing and you don’t want one person to ruin it for you.