If I Stay sucker punches you with the feels

Mia Hall had a “normal” teenager’s life. She had two mature but rebellious parents who encouraged her to leave the protective circle that her cello makes and be a free spirit. However, the free and rebellious nature that originates from her parents seemed to skip her generation and implant in her younger brother. Mia is a girl who walks the halls unseen by her fellow peers until a local rocker boy stumbles upon her playing her Cello. There are moments in life that disrupt the calm surface of our lives and Adam, our rocker boy, was the rock that sent ripples through Mia’s life.

Mia's moment of shock. Graphic from Reelz reviews
Mia’s moment of shock. Graphic from Reelz reviews

“If I Stay” is a heart wrenching movie that leaves the audience in a whirlwind of emotion. The movie follows Mia Hall whose life was flung off course after her and her family were in a fatal car accident. Comatose, Mia must choose whether to live a drastically different life, or to die. Mia struggles with the choice as she relives her past and witnesses the turmoil the car accident left in its wake. As the movie progresses, Mia’s flashbacks begin to piece together the events leading up to the accident. The past and present tear Mia in two, making it difficult to choose life or death. As more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a mature and romantic love story develop between Mia and Adam. The audience witnesses the gradual change in the characters as they grow out of their shells and face problems that threaten their fervent relationship.

The flow of events are enhanced by the chemistry between the actors and actresses. Chloe Moretz (Mia) and Jamie Blackley (Adam) work very well together and make the love between the characters very believable. The movie contained scenes that were both tearful and humorous. The entire audience are able to relate to the film whether it be from the witty banter between young characters or the love and protectiveness a parent has for his or her child.  The depiction of Mia’s out of body experience is extraordinarily done. The scenes showed the physical manifestation of “the light” and how Mia struggles over its underlying meaning. In this YA story, both turmoil and peace embed themselves leaving the audience satiable but yet unsatisfied. The final seen will answer the question of life or death but leave the audience wanting for more. Could there be the sequeal (Where she Went) in the works? Let’s all hope so!