Guardians of Galaxy wins the summer box office

The Guardians of the Galaxy, not just another sic-fi movie. Graphic from IMDB
The Guardians of the Galaxy, not just another sic-fi movie. Graphic from IMDB

All right everyone, it’s time to smash our piggy banks again and go out to see the most recent big Marvel movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy.” As usual, the story follows some well-known formulas. We peer into the life of a misunderstood, yet hunky, main character, much like our good Captain Kirk. There’s always some new girl he’s been showing up with throughout the galaxy and he, along with his crew, has the fate of a planet resting on his shoulders.

Although this new movie falls under the Marvel name, it felt like it took a little bit more time to go through the motions. The audience is really able to piece together through the movie what made Star Lord the leading man. Not only that, but unlike Kirk’s crew in the new “Star Trek” movies, each crew member was given a chance to show their own motivations, giving us time to care.

This film was able to take us back as listeners with its older music, which complemented much of the style that was more “comic book” than newer, flashy science fiction, while holding onto the aliens and big space ships. Many scenes seemed to jump right off of the screen; each environment the characters were put in was visually beautiful and interesting.

Despite all of the new efforts going into emotional development and attachment, there was a scene that was somehow disconnected. Again, this is where we come back to the problem of the love stories in Marvel movies. It was hard to digest and seemed almost random in the flow of the story. Even though we weren’t given much time to understand this or gain an interest, it was sort of thrown into the background. Only a sequel will be able to try and make sense of where this could possibly go.

Overall, there were a few lags in the story, but they were worth it to see what would happen to the characters that had been brought to life by more than just animation, but by the writing. The villains were power-hungry thugs, as usual, but they were ruthless enough to be cool. This movie makes an impact with its comic book humor and style.

3.5/5 Stars