Events of September: What’s going on at RU

As students begin settling into a routine for the new semester at RU, they’re beginning to find new activities and events to attend that enrich their college experience throughout the fall. This month is no exception, as multiple campus events, and even a new restaurant opening, are competing for the attention of students, giving them more choice than ever. While it’s possible to get through college merely by going to classes and hanging out with an established group of friends, events put on by the McConnell library and R-Space are great ways to broaden your horizons and really make the most out of your college experience. No matter what anyone says about this school, it’s almost impossible to complain about being bored.

On September 22nd, McConnell library will be hosting a “Living Library” event. This will see multiple people from all walks of life having conversations in which they tell stories gained throughout their lives to interested students. These people are being described as “living books”, and the event is intended to “challenge prejudices, encourage understanding, and promote mutual respect”.

Come to the Living Library! Graphic from RU Living Library Facebook event
Come to the Living Library! Graphic from RU Living Library Facebook event

This event promises to broaden the perspective of students and introduce them to lives and stories that they wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. When you apply to go to college, you’re expressing interest in a period of learning as much as you possibly can, and an event like this is a perfect opportunity to learn practical information and viewpoints outside the confines of a classroom.

September 21st will see the opening of a new restaurant on Main Street. El Lucero Tienda will be the town’s second Mexican restaurant, going up against the already established Diamonte’s in the fight for the wallets of students looking for good food. According to the owners, the new establishment will serve as both a restaurant and a bar, something they’re very excited about. The hiring process has led to them picking up a cook that they have a lot of faith in, excitedly exclaiming “She can cook!” when asked about the food. For students who are starting to get tired of the same food that the meal plan offers, El Lucero Tienda could be a welcome breath of fresh air.

More regular events, such as intramural sports and the rock wall in Preston, are also great ways to branch out during your time at RU. No matter what you choose in the coming month, we implore you to go out and experience something new. Continue to check back with Whim as we periodically inform you of new and exciting events that will be taking place on campus.