Excited students begin journey into greek life

The beginning of each semester at RU has a special place in the hearts of many students, as it marks the time when fraternities and sororities begin recruiting new members. For women at RU, this process has already begun, as formal recruitment has taken place over the past week, allowing hopeful and excited students to begin forming bonds with people that they’ll happily call their sisters for the rest of their lives.

Panhellenic crest. Graphic from College Lifestyles
Panhellenic crest. Graphic from College Lifestyles

The females of RU, including incoming freshmen, were given the chance to find the right sorority in the past week, formal recruitment took hold of the thoughts and attention of a great deal of students. Sisters of each sorority found themselves meeting a great deal of new people as interest parties were held for each sorority, with hopeful members narrowing down their list of ideal organizations with each day that passed. By the end of the week, each sorority found itself with a new class of women to be initiated into the sisterhood.

For all male students with an established GPA (sorry, first semester freshmen), rush is just beginning. An Inter-Fraternal Council Kickoff took place on Monday in the Bonnie, where hopeful prospects were able to meet the fraternities and learn a little bit more about them. The coming week will see each fraternity hold rush events where they’ll court new members, while the recruits compete against each other for the attention of the fraternities that they would like to join. For the men who impress the organizations on campus, rush week will culminate in an invitation to join a fraternity who would like to have the student in their brotherhood. Freshmen who are currently in their first semester will be given the opportunity to rush next semester in the spring, which tends to be a larger recruitment for fraternities.

While a good majority of the students on campus will spend time this semester debating the merits of going Greek against staying unaffiliated, these students have made their choice, and are ready to reap the benefits and bear the responsibilities that come therein. Without fully understanding it, these students have taken the first step on a path that leads to a lifelong commitment, and some of the best people that they’ll meet in their lives. The draw of something bigger than oneself is something that brings students out in droves to recruit for Greek Life, and that’s no different this semester.