Saw: The Video Game

Saw: The Video Game is a interesting mix of the numerous movies, incorporating things that are iconic to the movies into a hodge-podge mix. The game opens up with your character being among Saw’s latest victims trapped in an insane asylum. You must find your way out or face death at the hands of the master of riddles and puzzles: Jigsaw. This game follows the basic storyline for the majority of the movies, and is rather ideal for anyone who happens to be a fan of the “Saw” movies.


Game play itself is rather simple and straightforward. The game is more or less a combination of a puzzle and adventure-fighting game. The overall graphics are okay nothing to get excited over. The atmosphere for the game really captures the spirit of “Saw” as a dark foreboding place. You truly feel as though you are in an abandoned insane asylum. The controls can often be somewhat clunky at times, not nearly as smooth as you would expect with this generation’s games. Though overall the game has its fun moments: as you fail to solve a puzzle and your character gets its head crushed or is killed in any number of random and gruesome means. These cut scenes used for the executions are among the best in the game.

The Good

The scenes where you are executed are always shocking and good for a gross-out moment or two. This can really cause you to become deeply engrossed into the game, soaking up every aspect as Jigsaw gives your character a mission for whichever level of the game you are playing. You will find yourself desperately moving to solve the puzzles and trying to find your escape from the insane asylum and get away from Jigsaw. The music also helps set the atmosphere with suitably creepy and dark-sounding music as you make your way through the asylum.

The Bad

At times, the game is extremely clunky when it comes to the combat. While not horrible, it is still notably awkward. The puzzles become tedious and utterly repetitive at times; there are only so many times you can search for a key or try to find a combination while enduring some horrible pain or having to preform some gruesome act before it becomes utterly and completely boring. While the game has its fair share of scenes where you fail a mission and are swiftly killed by one trap or another, the game animation itself becomes sort of repetitive as you make your way through the various puzzles.

Whim Rating: 3/5

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