Highlanders Anonymous: Puppies and the “jealous type”

“I live off-campus and recently adopted a two month old puppy. She’s so cute and sweet, but won’t stop peeing on the floor. I take her out so often, but she still does it! I don’t know what to do. Help.”

Dog shaming. Graphic from dogshaming.com
Dog shaming. Graphic from dogshaming.com

The good news is that the reason she has to pee so often is that she’s a baby. In a few months her bladder will be bigger and she’ll need to pee less often. The bad news is that this is something you’ll have to wait for. If she’s peeing outside every time you take her, then she’s probably already trained to know that outside is the place to pee.

For now, take her out as often as possible, and then keep an eye on her when you let her walk around inside. When you can’t watch her, keep her in a kennel with a towel. This puppy period will take some patience, but its well worth it. Dogs are the most wonderful animals; you can come home to them after a bad day and they’ll be ready for you with kisses and cuddles.

“My boyfriend recently became friends with a girl in one of his classes and they hang out all the time. Last week he even blew off lunch with me to hangout with her. I’m not normally the jealous type, but this is really hurting my feelings. What do I do?”

There is no such thing as the “jealous type”. Everyone gets feelings of jealousy from time to time- it’s natural. It just means that you have someone you don’t want to lose, and are being protective. This is really hurting you, and you need to talk to him. In these situations, bottling up your feelings will only result in a big fight down the road where you may say a lot of things you don’t mean.

When you talk to him, don’t be accusatory and don’t slander his friend. Whether or not you’re fond of her, he is. He’ll take it personally if you talk badly about his new friend. Simply make it clear that your feelings are hurt, and that you’d like to spend a little more time with him.

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