Real World, Real Kindness

Have you ever just put your phone away once while you were walking to class, work, or just around the neighborhood? I know you hear this a lot, you’d just see a whole lot of other people with their faces in their cell phones or ear buds in. The harsh reality is, this is becoming the standard. People have stopped communicating face-to-face because they don’t have to, technology can do all the speaking for them. When was the last time you remembered a friend’s or family member’s birthday without Facebook? What about getting an invitation in the mail instead of in an email or other online invitation? I’m not going to lie, technology is great and I think it can be used to help our world in so many ways, but I believe it is so over used.

People post about having someone pay for their coffee or finding a note on their desk at work. Why aren’t there more people like this in the world? We need to start putting down our technology and actually interacting with people in the real world. I know there’s at least one person in a class every single semester that you wish you could get to know better and become better friends with…why not do it? Even if you just know their name, leave a little note on their desk, find out where they work and take them a little pick-me-up gift. It doesn’t have to be something that you spend money on, actually listening to how they’re doing is more than they would ever expect.

Making an extra effort to be courteous can make difference. Graphic by Danielle Glumsic
Making an extra effort to be courteous can make difference. Graphic by Danielle Glumsic

Just smiling at a stranger could change someone’s day. You never know what someone’s going through. Doing something as simple as to holding a door open could completely alter their mood. Leaving your roommate(s) a note telling them to have a good day, cooking your best friend dinner, or taking cookies to a club/organization meeting isn’t necessarily a huge task, but it’s nice and encouraging.

Recognizing that a lot of people are upperclassmen on this campus, this could really go towards helping out freshman. I know when I was here my first year, especially being out-of-state, it definitely helped lift my spirits once I found older people who could help me around. Not only that, but they also introduced me to other people.

You don’t have to befriend every single person you see or meet on campus; that’s not my point. I just think that we should start stepping out of our comfort zones to do nice things. Imagine how it makes you feel when someone does something nice or out of the ordinary for you. It makes your day and you’

re just baffled by it. If we could just make this a regular thing, the human race would be much better for it. Don’t go spend your life savings trying to be nice though; remember, it doesn’t even have to cost you money. Next time you think someone could use a pick-me-up though, don’t be afraid to take that extra step to make their day brighter!