How about we focus

Hitting the snooze button over six times each morning is probably not a good sign. For many students, this has already become routine. However much it hurts to admit it, though, this needs to stop. There are still quite a few weeks before the end of the semester. The only way to get through it is to get motivated.

Stop hitting the snooze button and get motivated! Graphic by Grace Higginbotham

A positive attitude can go a long way in doing your studies. Telling oneself, “I can do this,” really helps. Repeat it like a mantra and it’ll help you succeed. Make sure that you budget your time too. Creating a calendar and mapping out your assignments will help you get a head start on projects and studying. You don’t want to be the one in your class that gets a nasty “surprise” paper to write. This can create chaos and should be avoided.

This may seem extremely difficult, but once you have a career goal, go out and find someone who is already doing it. Learn how this person was able to get where they are. Don’t forget to check your progress in your classes as well. When checking grades, you’re informed of what needs to be done and what’s expected of you. Also, remember that being a student is a job in itself and to move up, attendance is key. Falling behind is easy when there’s no one to force you to go to class besides you.

To further treat school as a profession, pretend each professor is your boss. Don’t be disrespectful, no matter how boring the lecture is. Keep your phone out of your hands. Don’t text or scroll on Tumblr. Also, get to know your teachers better and engage in a conversation with them. This can further your understanding of the material. It’s also good to feel like you know where your professor stands.

Working hard and fixing your mistakes can not only improve your grade, but excel your assignment to the next level. Besides, creating something to be proud of really boosts self-esteem! Also, don’t forget to ask questions in class as soon as you can if something is unclear. Some professors can be difficult to reach due to scheduling. If possible, try and participate in meetings with other students that are a positive influence and help you focus on getting your work done. A good working environment is priceless.