Bagpipers and Maleficent

The 2014 fall homecoming weekend will commence Oct. 10-12. This will include many events for the alumni to participate in. The visiting alumni will retrieve their nametags Friday, Oct. 10 and proceed to the festivities. After some student presentations and refreshments, they’ll be watching the women’s volleyball game against High Point. Later that night, there will be a dance fest at 7:30 pm in Preston Hall. RU students will be admitted free of charge.

men in kilts with bagpipes
See the RU Highlander bagpipers perform this weekend. Graphic from Wise Geek

The events will continue with time in the game room and the showing of Disney’s Maleficent. Tours of the RU campus as well as the RU Greenhouse will also be available during the weekend. The alumni will also be given the opportunity to view the works of Alison Weld. The art exhibit will be held in the RU Art Museum at the Covington Center. At the same time the play, “Jack Goes Boating” will still be available for all, including students, to view. The performances will take place in The Hawes Studio Theatre in Porterfield Hall.

The main events will include a DJ tent and RU Highlander Bagpipers performing. Along with those events there will also be a giant photo group photo of students and alumni on the Moffett lawn. That will be followed with alumni able to showcase their written novels. During the tent event, groups will gather at small tents and decorate them to show off their school spirit. Later on, the Highlander Spirit rock will be given at halftime to the winner of the competition.

RU is encouraging all alumni to travel down and enjoy the nostalgia and activities. There are also several activities to be paid for. Attending will be the graduates from the classes of 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009. Although, many events will be exclusively for the alumni classes, some will be available to everyone, which includes the dance fest. Even if you’re unable to catch some of these events, the play “Jack Goes Boating,” and the art exhibit are currently open to students that wish to attend at any time.