Get your zombie on for a good cause. Graphic from Radford Events Calendar

Zombies After Bark

Looking for some Halloween fun on campus? The College of Human and Behavioral Sciences (or, CHBS) and several clubs within the college will be collaborating to host an RU After Dark event on Oct. 30 from 8:00p.m.-Midnight in the Hulbert Student Center (Bonnie) and on the plaza.

They’re calling it Zombie After Bark and it will include a charity run, games, music, and movies that are both filled with Halloween fun and in an effort to raise supplies and resources for the Radford Animal Shelter.

Get your zombie on for a good cause. Graphic from Radford Events Calendar
Get your zombie on for a good cause. Graphic from Radford Events Calendar

The Zombie Run will begin at 9:45, after events starting at 8:00p.m. which include costume contests, a “Thriller” dance-a-thon and live music. After the run, refreshments will be available as well as the game room and a zombie movie (Shaun of the Dead) will be playing in the food court.

Come in your best zombie garbs, paint your face, practice that limp, and harness that hunger for human flesh as you chase some humans in the run. Dress like the zombie — become the zombie! And show off for the glory of being crowned Best Costume.

Haven’t danced the “Thriller” since last year? Youtube it now and get your groove on Thursday the 30th! (Might as well get some “Monster Mash” going while you’re at it.)

Enjoy the music, food, and games while watching the kickoff movie for Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. (Better order the rest of it now, if you haven’t — you know you’ll be craving it after!)

Finally, don’t forget that in order to participate in the events, CHBS and the sponsoring clubs only ask that you donate an item from their list for the benefit of the Radford Animal Shelter. Items include but are not limited to: Purina Dog Chow, Purina Cat Chow, Purina Kitten Chow, non-clumping cat litter, bleach, and Pine Sol (Lavender scent).

Food and litter are the Radford Animal Shelter’s top priorities for donations and they prefer these items over monetary donations due to how much farther it goes than 10 bucks.

Do your part in supporting our local shelter and have a blast while your at it — hope to see all you lovely Whim readers eating some brains there!