Bearing the Cross of Loss

The light fades

But life goes on

Loved ones bear the cross of loss

Smiling through tears

Receiving condolences

And words of comfort

Not yet noncomprehending


Voices fade

Cars drive away

An emptiness settles in

The denial begins to fade

The tears continue to fall

The deepest pain paralyzes


Unable to move

To function

Going through the motions of life

Unable to find purpose,

To feel whole again

Life becomes nothing more then a pulsing ache


Time passes

The pain eases

Yet the sting never dulls

The want to hear them laugh,

To see their smile light up their face.

To feel their warmth,

Is too much to bare sometimes


Children grow


The emptiness grows

Yet never leaves

An empty house

A symbol of loss

Void of all life but my own


Death visits again

Pain is exhumed

The burying of another parent

Time passes

Memories of those lost fades

Weeds over grow

Stones crack

The names of those lost,

swept away on the chilly winds

Meeting the final death

The death of remembrance