Nobody’s perfect

You’ve heard that phrase dozens of times, but it’s true: nobody is perfect. Everyone gets stressed. That’s the way humans are. The good news is that there are many ways to handle your stress levels. The first step is to acknowledge that you can’t always function at 100 percent. Mistakes happen and that’s okay.

In your relationships, don’t walk on eggshells. If something is bothering you, let others know. It causes a high level of anxiety to hide your true feelings. It’s healthy to communicate how you feel about a situation and it brings about more solid relationships when you are able to be honest with another person.

Physical aspects also affect your mental state. Getting regular sleep and exercise can do wonders to help your state of mind. In addition, a healthy diet goes a long way. If there is too much going on for you to handle, trim the fat. Cut out unnecessary activities that eat away possible relaxation time.

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“You’ve heard that phrase dozens of times, but it’s true: Nobody is perfect. Everyone gets stressed.”

If you haven’t already, ask yourself this question: Where does my stress come from? Often enough, it comes from trying to control the impossible. For example, you can’t control your professor that loves to give out pop quizzes. However, you can control yourself. If you learn that you have a spontaneous professor, always be prepared for that class by studying beforehand.

Be realistic about what you are capable of. You can’t do everything, nor be in two places at once, unless you have a cloning machine. Organize your schedule as such. Factor your bills into this stress management exercise as well. Keeping track of your money and where it needs to go can prevent future economic crisis and panic.

Focus on things that you like to do. Do what makes you happy. There are many hobbies that’ll make you forget your troubles and unwind. Some choose to unwind by using alcohol or drugs. However, those are only momentary distractions. It’s important to learn what really helps you the most, even if you have to go through some trials and errors. For example: meditation, jogging, yoga, and counseling. No matter where you go, your mental state will follow you, because you haven’t yet broken your pattern that causes you distress. Solve your problems, instead of hiding them.

Don’t forget that there are professionals here on campus you can talk to for free. You can make an appointment with a counselor in the lower level of Tyler Hall.