Why study a foreign language?

Even if you’re not going into a language-based profession, like being a translator, consider taking a language course anyway. Foreign languages open all sorts of doors in today’s world. Today, humans are more global than ever.

Even reading a familiar book in a different language can help you learn. Graphic from Amazon
Even reading a familiar book in a different language can help you learn. Graphic from Amazon

It allows you to explore and comprehend more of the world around you when you speak another language. Many books written in Spanish, Chinese, or French will become available to you. Things really do get lost in translation and being able to understand another language helps others communicate entirely new thoughts and feelings.

Not only can a second language give you many government job opportunities, but travel opportunities as well. Knowing another language also looks great on any other job application. It sets you apart from the competition-with the thing that sets you apart from the pack. This new set of knowledge can lead you to go past the limits of one language.

New cultures are opened to you when you’re more aware of another language. Not only can you learn more about another culture, you can begin to interpret its traditions and values yourself when you gain more knowledge of it. This makes traveling and exploring our vast world much more possible. Volunteering in another country is another chance to further your proficiency in a language as well as help others for a noble cause.

Some students shy away from learning a new language at this stage of their lives. However, it’s always a good time to learn a second language. There’s no better time than when you have all the resources right in front of you here at RU.

Some are skeptical about foreign language teaching methods as well. Technology has made it easy for anyone to take those matters into their own hands. It’s never been easier to put your language skills to the test. All you have to do is go online. The Internet has various free online resources. Learning, or even identifying, a new language changes the way you look at the world, as well as the way it looks at you.