Mobile education

We all remember those earlier school years and their electronic device policies. Teachers in each classroom would tell students to keep their phones and iPods tucked away and powered down. The principal would hold assemblies talking about the various consequences of texting during class or a ringer going off during a standardized test.

As we have all gotten older, cellphone use is a more normal thing. Even kids in third grade are running around with their smart-phones. As cellphones have become a common household object, they’ve also become cheaper and easily attainable for just about anyone. Accessibility has also made it more and more necessary to have a cellular device.

texting in class
“Smartphones are often used as resources because of their Internet capabilities. They’re quick and easy to use when needing to accessing any sort of information.”

The argument to keep cellphones out of the classroom is a losing one. Not only has the issue become too hard to control, but the argument has also lost much of its validity. Smartphones are often used as resources because of their Internet capabilities. They’re quick and easy to use when accessing any sort of information.

Sometimes it can be very helpful to have students use their phones during class to help everyone learn. Although the concept may seem strange, if we look at smartphones as smaller computers, they have more value in a learning environment.

On the other hand, there’s a reason that cellphones are mostly banned from classroom activity. They can become a distraction to those that carry them into class. Social media like Tumblr, Facebook, and Snapchat, are easily accessed through smartphones. Texting is another huge distraction.

Having so much at your fingertips can completely take you away from learning and the students you are sending messages and emojis to. If they have their phones in calls and respond to you, they’re not fully engaged in class anymore. A phone going off during a test is an embarrassing mistake that more often than not gets you a zero on the exam and booted out of class. There’s a correct time and place for electronic devices.