Get outta my face!

Some ask themselves whether having another person around is worth it or not. Is the other doing more harm than good in their life? Well, if you’re blaming your boyfriend for you not turning in your project on time, maybe take a look in the mirror. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own actions.

“Some ask themselves whether having another person around is worth it or not.”

If you are keeping someone around that you always want to be interacting with, that can become a truly distracting presence for you. That can prevent you from being focused on your important responsibilities. It is your decision to keep being around another person or not. No matter what you think, the choice is always yours.

There is no reason to yell at your girlfriend for sitting in the same room and chatting with you when you are trying to write a paper that is due in ten minutes. What you should do is tell them that you have work to get done. Then, if need be, you can move to another location, free of chatter!

When a relationship is taking over your life, to the point where you can’t seem to get anything done for yourself, then maybe reassess the relationship. It doesn’t do anyone any good when you are always upset at your significant other. Also, if they care about you, and you feel that you need to end a relationship, because it is helping more than hurting, do it. Loving someone should also mean that they will understand where you are coming from and respect your choice, even if it hurts their feelings.

Something else that should be taken into account: If you are not distracted from your work by your significant other, are you taken out of other relationships due to them? If so, that can also hurt you in the long run. For instance, if your girl/boyfriend keeps you away from your friends and close loved ones most of the time, that is very unhealthy. Having balance in your life is key. All in all, if you can’t maintain that balance, it is probably time to rethink your relationship and whether or not to continue with during this vital time of growth and learning in your life.