Ways to enjoy a cold shower

Is it just me, or has there been a surplus of cold showers lately? It’s like all the hot water made like birds and disappeared for the winter.

Maybe it’s because everyone is getting used to their new schedules for the spring semester, who knows. During much deliberation during a shower that can only be described as hyper-ventilatingly cold, I came up with a list of ways that we could all somehow enjoy this new phenomena:

“Remember that washing your hair/body with hot water on a regular basis has long-term damaging effects on hair/body.”

1. Remember that washing your hair and body with hot water on a regular basis has long-term damaging effects on hair/body. Hot water has the same effect as heat in the form of blow-drying or flat-ironing one’s hair – it’s bad. Furthermore, some research has suggested that rinsing hair with colder water makes one’s hair shinier. Yay science for helping us see the bright side of a bad thing!

2. Make it a workout. Yeah, that seems a little weird. But if you’re like me, you enjoy any excuse for a workout. If you’re incredibly cold in the shower, do some squats, man. Throw in a wall sit while you’re lathering, rinsing, and repeating. Do anything to get your blood flowing and make sure you’re not losing feeling in your phalanges. Plus, it’ll make ya feel like you killed two birds with one stone.

3. Practice “mind over matter.” It’s a thing, I promise you. Have you ever heard of certain religious sectors meditating under freezing cold water because they’ve accustomed their minds (and therefore, their bodies) that they can’t feel it? The great Descartes once said “I think, therefore I am.” So let’s take a page out of Descartes’ book. If we don’t think we’re cold, we won’t be cold. It might help….Maybe…

4. If all of this is not working for you, just think: hop in, get yourself clean, hop out. By investing less time in long showers, you’re not only saving energy and going greener without even meaning to, you’re also saving yourself and your roommates some money. So, go buy yourself a nice dinner or some drinks or both and celebrate having helped the environment and your bank account.