Winter wishes ❄

I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for the cold.Let me rephrase that: I’m not one for the cold if there’s no snow.

Is there really a point in it being 15 degrees outside if there’s no pretty white precipitation falling from the sky or laying on the ground? No? I didn’t think so. What’s enjoyable about the cold without snow? Nothing…except maybe cuddling up to a warm fire with a cup of hot tea and an intriguing book.

Snow is something to look forward to in the winter. You look forward to lying out, going to the beach, relaxing in the pool, or floating down the river in summer. What’s there to look forward to in winter without snow? You can’t ski, snowboard, tube, or even go sledding without snow. Granted, people offer indoor ice-skating, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where they have a rink. Let’s face it: winter is nothing but boring, cold, and dark without snow.

Besides it being ridiculously cold and pointless without snow, let’s talk about something else that’s ridiculous. I get that people get sun happy when the sun comes out when it’s 30 degrees outside. I also totally understand why people are so pumped about the new gym (I mean, come on, it’s awesome, clean, and you always have a place to run or lift or whatever you do). But one sunny day even when it’s 22 degrees out doesn’t give you the right to walk to the gym in your booty shorts (girls) or your cutoffs (guys). No one, I repeat, NO ONE feels bad when you walk across campus from Light Side to go running and you’re shivering because you have HALF of an outfit on. Please have some common sense. Sunshine does not always equal warmth. I know, being in my third year at RU, we can all agree on that last statement. Most of us have walked to class being blinded by the sun reflecting off  2 feet of snow. I can’t stand cold without snow and I can’t stand when people can’t grasp the concept that it’s BELOW freezing outside. So sleep with your pajamas inside out, flush ice cubes down your toilet, do a snow dance, I don’t care — just wish for snow with me please. And to those who think it’s “cool” or “fun” or “an adventure” to wear zero clothes to walk to the gym, wear some sweats or a hoodie. Didn’t your momma ever teach you that’s how you catch a cold? Oh, and don’t forget to cover your head; you don’t want to let all that heat escape.