Bragi Dash earbuds

Get ready to block out the rest of the world like never before! Well, kind of. There’s a new type of headphone coming to the market that sounds ready to blow the antiques we’re using out of the water. They’re being advertised as waterproof headphones that also store your music. And what is this new revolution to the music listening industry? The Bragi Dash Earbuds, of course!

With the wireless feature, there’s no need to worry about your cords getting tangled.

There are three sizes of silicone sleeves so you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit in your over- or under-sized ear-holes.

Did we mention the charging case? Store, protect, and charge your earbuds in one simple step!

“With the wireless feature, there’s no need to worry about your cords getting tangled.”

Not only can you use these as an mp3 player with 4GB of space, but if you want to use your iPod or other music player, it has a Bluetooth function in it as well. The settings are pretty high tech and offer noise-cancelling features, but also allow you to adjust the settings so that you can allow more sound in as desired – for those times when you’re about to walk into traffic while jamming out and need to hear that car horn blaring over Wiz Khalifa’s latest track.

Since the inside sleeves are made with silicone, they offer a more comfortable fit. They didn’t just guess the ear size either. Researchers went to hearing aid companies and came up with three different sizes of sleeves for each package of earbuds. They’re claiming to offer maximum comfort. Also, the materials used to make the product are lightweight, which should prevent them from being too heavy and falling out.

The Dash Earbuds also have the capability of fitness trackers. You can even answer phone calls with them.

This is the next generation of music listening and available for pre-order now. However, it isn’t the first of its kind – just the latest in a new species of earwear.

The Dash earbuds originated from a German version of the product that was able to get its funding through Kickstarter. Nikolaj Hviid created the concept for The Dash after having been CEO of a design agency and Head of Design at Harman. Also on the team are Josef Scheider, Arne Loermann, and Toby Martin, who all have an impressive tech industry background. With this dream team, we hope The Dash live up to their hype!