One of us, one of us!

A sorority or fraternity is a membership-based sisterhood or brotherhood connected to a college. You’ve often heard the terms “sorority” and “fraternity” associated with “Greek life,” but what is that exactly? For starters, all of these groups are referred to as Greek life. That’s because of the Greek letters used in all fraternity and sorority titles.

Many things come to mind when picturing Greek life. Most of us get a basic understanding of it from Hollywood, which show us the wild parties and crazy stunts  that brothers and sisters participate in.  Another trait associated with these organizations  is hazing — a dangerous or embarrassing ritual evoked upon new recruits to see if they have what it takes to be included in their “family.”

Although that’s glamorized in fiction, it appears on the news as a shocking reminder of peer pressure’s destructive power. Those incidents are often the outcome of “hazing.” However, that’s strictly forbidden in school policies these days.

toga party
“Most of us get a basic understanding of it from Hollywood, which show us the wild parties and crazy stunts that brothers and sisters participate in.”


If you’re considering joining a fraternity or sorority, do your research! Here at Radford University, you can find many organizations with all sorts of goals. The group leaders do this through workshops and participating in community service, along with other upcoming events.

At RU, each potential Greek life member must go through a recruitment process that’s different for each organization. They must also maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 and have completed one full semester.

RU’s Greek life page states that “students can gain leadership experiences, lifelong friendships, academic success and support, opportunities for community service and philanthropy, along with personal growth and development.” There are over 20 different sororities and fraternities here at RU, so choose wisely.

Some members join for the toga parties and social experiences while others are more interested in the business connections or sense of belonging. Just like when you did research on Radford to see if you wanted to enroll here, learn about what each sorority and fraternity does and what its reputation is. That’s the reputation you will want to be showing employers in the future.

You can learn more about RU’s Greek life by following this link. You can also contact the Greek Life Office, located in the Bonnie.