Work it, girl!

Ramen: the basic diet for a college student. Even though the sodium explosion that is ramen can be quite a treat every once in a while, it’s not the best means of sustenance. To prevent the fate of a constant ramen diet, one must seek out funds. These can’t always be a given; sometimes they must be sought out.

One form of money-making for students is right on campus: work study. This offer is exclusively for undergraduate and graduate students that have been accepted for financial aid benefits through the federal government. To gain that eligibility, you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If approved, those students are allowed to apply for part-time jobs. Those jobs may also include community service like tutoring kids off-campus.

“One form of money-making for students is right on campus: work study.” Photo of: Student Danielle Johnson

Students who receive the work study opportunity make minimum wage and generally have a set amount of hours that they’re allowed to work per week in order to adhere to their budgets. The budgets depend on the how much the college can afford. Keep in mind that graduates and undergraduates are paid at different rates. There are cases where you might not be paid exactly by the hour.

This year students may work up to 180 hours each semester, working 12 hours a week and earn $7.25 an hour. Not only does this time help you earn some extra pocket money, but it will look great on your resume–as long as you use the opportunity wisely. This offer gives you real work experience and can help you get closer with departmental connections at the school that are able to further your career.

Student employment on campus doesn’t happen without a little bit of work. To gain one of these positions, you must contact a supervisor listed under the available job you’re looking for. From there, you can discuss potential employment. Those positions are listed on RU’s website and whenever a new one’s available, it’s listed again.

The jobs usually list what requirements the employee must fulfill and the daily functions they would have to carry out. Some of the positions listed are: Geology Department Opportunity, McConnell Library Opportunity, Technology Assistance Center Opportunity, and Women’s Basketball Operations. Usually, these jobs are the most fruitful when they relate to what your major is.