Title Fight breaks down punk with Hyperview

Title Fight was formed in 2003 in Kingston, Pennsylvania. In July 2014 they announced they had signed to ANTI-Records on their instagram. They released their most recent album ‘Hyperview’ on February 3rd, 2015.

Album art for Title Fight’s new “Hyperview” album. Image taken from: wiux.org

To be honest I had a lot of expectations for this album after their 2012 release ‘Floral Green’. This album is decidingly not ‘Floral Green’. That isn’t to say it isn’t a good album in its own right. It’s just very different from what I expected. While musically, it is well written, it lacks the energy that I’m so used to hearing from this band. It makes up for it with a very dreamy ambient sort of sound.

“Chlorine”, the album’s first single, harkens to their old sound but replaces jarring chords with almost synthetic guitar riffs. This is a common theme in the album. This release marks Title Fight moving away from their melodic hardcore roots to emerge with a more shoegaze sound.

Hyperview is an album you can vibe to. From the opening track “Murder Your Memory” to the very end the atmosphere is oddly out of tune with the environment around the listener. Title Fight has generally been very grounded in the punk scene but with this album they break down punk constraints and other various musical barriers with their hazy, ambient instrumentation and heavy lyrics to go straight to your heart.

That’s the best part about this album – the emotion. Songs like “Murder Your Memory” and “Your Pain Is Mine Now” are quiet, but drag you down. While earlier releases expressed this feeling through energetic screams and almost violent guitar riffs, Hyperview relies on the listener’s ties to the music. It’s a tense feeling almost, but you’re left wondering when you began to feel that way.

As a long time fan and listener, Hyperview was almost uncomfortable for me, being such a drastic change in the band’s sound. The evolution of the band isn’t bad. If anything, it is an amazing album – just not in the genre we’ve grown to expect from them.

Album Rating: 7.5/10

Favorite Tracks: “New Vision”, “Trace Me Onto You”