No country left behind

The International Student Banquet is an event here on campus. Every year, a group of volunteers  puts it together. Participants include local community members, students, and faculty. The banquet is held every year here at RU. This time, it will take place in Muse Banquet Hall on April 18. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy International Week,which takes place the week before.

Countries coming together. Graphic from The National Law Review
Countries coming together. Graphic from The National Law Review

The banquet features  performances, mostly dances, from several different countries. The internationally-themed food will be cooked by students and RU Catering. The event is formal, and food will be served buffet-style. The dining area will also be decorated to suit this year’s  theme.

According to Tenbit Melesse,a senior who’s worked in the International Education Center in Cook for almost three years,the banquet’s theme has already been chosen as “No Country Left Behind.” She further explained that the theme is supposed to remind everyone that we can make the world a better place.  When I inquired how exactly she wanted to illustrate that theme she told me that at the banquet there will be guest speakers and a slideshow. They will talk about some events going on in the world that need people’s attention and how they can pitch in to help out.

This year, table placement cards will list different crisis or situations, on the back, and ways that human beings can fix them. Also, there will be an charity organization picked by volunteers that the banquet will help raise money for.  Each year, the International Student Banquet not only  entertains, but raises money for an organization. Two years ago, it raised money for The Water Project, which gets clean water to African countries. Last year, it raised money for the anti-human trafficking group Love 146.

The International Education Center (IEC) will assist in the banquet’s preparation. IEC will also help with decorating and advertising. Volunteers will put everything else together. Last year, admission cost only $1 for students and $7 for faculty. Don’t miss it this year!