15 ways to enjoy the upcoming Snowpocalypses of 2015

With the recent blizzards and arctic temperatures, it’s easy to feel that all hope is lost and there’s nothing to do but wait miserably for spring. In the meantime, though, there are small glimmers of hope for us dwellers of Radford. Fret not, because there’s still joy to be found and fun to be had (even in the dark corners of your dorm or apartment) as you shelter from the cold. There are many activities you can partake in which will fill your heart with the wonder you thought only the warm embrace of spring could give you.1. Bake cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

This will not only make you feel warm and happy, but getting the oven going will make your apartment warm as well.

  1. Make it a coffee date.

-Invite your friends, crushes, or neighbors over for some coffee, hot cocoa and shenanigans. You might even want to…

  1. Add some chocolate,caramel, or peppermint liquor to your hot cocoa.

-This speaks for itself.

  1. Have some snuggles.

-Unless your love is nonexistent or far away,  in which case curl up with some stuffed animals and the remote.

  1. Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
  2. Board games.

-Time to take it back to your childhood for a bit. Or, if not, I recommend “Mad Wishes.”

  1. Card games.

-I don’t care what anyone says – I still love Go Fish and Uno.

  1. Catch up on homework.

-Yeah, it sounds boring, I know. But catching up on homework or even getting ahead on homework is such a relief.

  1. Order in.

– It sounds awful to encourage ordering in when the snow is too deep to drive in. But these are delivery money-maker days. If they’re still offering , give a fat tip and rest peacefully knowing you helped them out the business.

  1. Work it out.

-I recommend downloading daily workout apps or “Swork it – Lite” if you’re having gym withdrawals. It’llll make you feel productive and keep you warm in case your house gets a tad nippy. There’s also the choice of having spontaneous dance parties.

“There’s nothing better than reading up on or researching new things that might interest you.”
  1. Read or do research.

-There’s nothing better than reading up on or researching new things that might interest you. Even taking a bunch of online personality quizzes just for fun can kill surprising amounts of time.

  1. Use being locked in as an excuse to get to know your neighbors, friends, or roommates a littlebetter.
  2. Practice a skill.

-Cooking, writing, typing, baking, sleeping – the important things in life.

  1. “Spring” clean.

-It really is nice to de-clutter one’s life/closet/home/fridge.

  1. Play in the snow!

As long as it’s not yellow.

Enjoy it, RU!