Around and around

The roundabout goes

Fresh red and yellow paint covered with bare feet

Small hands holding on for dear life

Mother pulling gleaming metal

Around and around

The child’s head spins


Around and around

The roundabout moves

Faded colors worn by use

Hands raised to the cloudless sky

Teen’s leg pushing against sunken mulch

Around and around

The adolescent’s mind whirls

“Around and around The roundabout moves.”


Around and around

The roundabout creaks

Chips of red and yellow paint linger

Grown hands holding clouded metal

Long legs take their leave

Around and around

The adult’s mournful thoughts


Motionless and broken

The roundabout tilts

Red metal heated by sunlights rays

Weeds intertwining with rusted bars

The wind pushes against the fallen toy

Motionless and broken

The memories are forgotten